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We small, friendly and talented team. We helping our customers gain popularity in the online world.

Gian Luca Tartarini
Professional Pilot

Creator of Start-UP Emotional View in Italy, inventor of brand, filming style, shooting and editing productions. Professional Pilot for more than 30 years of acrobatic planes, copters and Drones.

Gian Luca Tartarini

Executive producer & Director
Giuseppe Monteverdi
Business development
Commercial strategies
Customer satisfaction

Provides customized solutions for the formulation and implementation of communication strategies. Offer methodologies to deliver actionable results to clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner

Giuseppe Monteverdi

INternational Business Development
Nicola Ghislanzoni
Professional Pilot
Camera Pilot
Video editing

Owner Akomi S.r.l. is the exclusive partner for the Italian market. Has a cinematographic style of shooting film and take a care of the technical aspects of color correction, compression, and distribution of movies.

Nicola Ghislanzoni

Drone Pilot & Refer Italian Market

What we do


DroneXplore is one of the Swiss leading aerial filming and photography production companies, using remote-controlled multi-rotor RPAS (or “drones”). 

Creating ultra-smooth, cinematic footage at up to 4k resolution, our cameras are gyro-stabilised and have with full 360° 3-axis capabilities. Using a HD video downlink, images from the air can be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling the Pilot, Cameraman, Client or Director full control of the filming angles and framing.

Providing services for a wide variety of clients, including production companies, corporate promotional videos, property developers, sports, events, commercials, TV and viral films for brands on the Internet. DroneXplore also has full design & video editing capabilities. We provide standalone aerial media or fulfill the role of a freelance aerial camera crew to accompany a production team.

  • Aerial & Terrestrial Filming

    Aerial Filming / Aerial Photography / Ground Based Filming

    With “Permissions for aerial work” DroneXplore provides remote controlled aerial filming services. We fly using an aerial camera platform which is state of the art, providing ultra smooth, full HD film. Skyvantage’s pilots are fully trained and insured with safety being a primary focus of any aerial filming work required.

    Our cameras shoot high resolution (4608 x 3456 pixel, 18MB RAW or Jpeg) still images for use in print media. However, if the camera is set to record video, screen grab stills can be taken from the footage, if the images are to be used online.

    We also offer traditional ground based filming services as many clients occasionally require standard film to integrate with the aerial footage.

  • Professional Equipment

    Drones / Gimbal / Security

    DroneXplore has invested in the best quality aerial platform and camera gimbal system. Through the use of FPV (first person view) technology, we are able to stream live footage from the aerial platform to the ground, enabling our pilot and clients to see what the camera sees and also adjust the pan and tilt direction of the cameras to keep the subject perfectly in shot. Our remote control gimbal system which holds the camera is the best on the market and can attain the smoothest shots even in strong winds. All of our equipment is fully maintained and its usage is logged.

  • Emotional & Creative Direction

    Emotional & Creative Direction / Editing & Film Creation

    Naturally can advise any client of which shooting angles we feel will work best. Helicopter filming, tracking or dolly shots, creatively and technically have their limits. We find that our clients are blown away but the creative possibilities elevated filming and photography have when the drone can move in any direction from the ground up to 70 mt. Points of view and shooting angles, which up until recently were only available to large budget productions, are now available to all through the use of drone camera platforms. We love speaking to clients to ensure that we will get the most dramatic and exciting footage for them possible.

    In most circumstances our RAW footage is given directly to the Client/Production company. However, if you require fully edited video with music, graphic/logo idents and copy – we can provide that too.

  • Mapping & Modelling Solutions

    Aerophotogrammetry & 3D Modelling

    DroneXplore is a specializing in the generation of geo-referenced Orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models from aerial images obtained by UAVs and/or manned aircraft. We operate with innovative software that allows the users to upload and manage their imagery processing.

    DroneXplore services offers a few geometric elements from the survey; for example Length, Area, Volume, Cut/Fill, Elevation Calculations and more from geo-referenced Digital Elevation Model or Orthomosaic product.



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